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Yucca Extract
author:admin   source:admin   published:2013-04-28 13:35:22
Yucca Extract

Product Name: Yucca Extract    


Specification: Saponins 30%-60% 


Detection method: HPLC


Botanical Name: Yucca schidigera


About Yucca Extract:

1) The use of Yucca schidigera extract as feed helps to improve digestion of meals rich in nitrogenated compounds and allows for better absorption of them due to the fact that microbial activity is accelerated in the intestinal flora, lowering the volatile compounds that cause bad odors in the excretions.

2)Yucca Extract is also mentioned that the constant use of the Yucca schidigera extract as a nutritional complement is a valuable aid in the treatement of diabetes, high cholesterol, bursitis and high blood pressure, and its use is invaluable as an aid to improve and maintain good health.