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Capsiate(Capsicum extract)/Capsicum P.E
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Capsiate(Capsicum extract)/Capsicum P.E
Product Name: Capsiate(Capsicum extract)/Capsicum P.E

Latin name: Capsicum frutescens L


Origin: Dried red pepper fruits (100% natural)

Appearance: Brown powder.

Odor: Characteristic

Extract Method:  alcohol

Test Method: HPLC

Pepper native to tropical Central and South America, country of origin is Mexico. Annual or perennial herbs pepper to chili as the raw material of medicines and health products which are being developed, chili slimming health food products have been used as starting applications.
1. To promote the energy consumption and metabolism, inhibition of body fat accumulation.
2. Add chili food always increase the spicy food.
3. The dietary supplement with natural capsinoids extracted from CH-19 Sweet peppers.