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Lavender essential oil
author:admin   source:admin   published:2013-04-24 15:56:21
Product Name: Lavender essential oil

CAS No.: 8000-28-0

English name: Lavender

Latin name: lavandula pedunculata

Family: Lamiaceae

Extract part: Flower

Fragrance: elegancy and mildness

Volatility: Normal

Function: Has the effectiveness of killing pain, anti-bacterium,and disinfecting.Suitable for treating common cough, cough, sinusitis and so on. .And can make people keep calm,help to sleep peacefully,relieve the symptom of  headache , muscle sore,rheumatic,and  arthritis.And also can solve the problem of  menorrhalgia.For example,apply some lavender oil on the back before childbirth will relieve the pain.
It has great effect on curing scalds and wound ,it will accelerate the concrescence of the wounds.Reduces blood pressure levels.Improves heart-throb,nausea,vomit,and flatulence. Balances oil secretion of skin and reduces scar.